What we do for You

The finding of a tenant for your property is often just the first step in a successful letting. There are many practical and legal issues to consider and the list can be endless. Our comprehensive service covers all aspects of property management and can assist in matters such as:


– Tenant Screening. We screen tenants by assessing a credit report, verifying their employment as well as their income, and we also interview their last landlord.
– Tighter rent collection process. We collect rent on time every month and maintain consistent cash-flow. If needed, we terminate the tenancy and proceed with the eviction. We know the law and have a good process for obtaining the best possible outcome given the circumstances.
– Vacant management service. We will write and insert a classified ad on the Internet mentioning the details which will most effectively entice a prospective renter. When the property is rented, we handle the cancellation of the ads as well.
– General property maintenance. We will answer the renter’s maintenance complaints and arrange for all necessary repair work as well as we order minor and major redecoration works and overseeing refurbishments.
– Full property inspections. When a tenant checks into a property, we conduct a walk through inspection on that property. This way we have on record the condition that the property was in when a tenant moves in. When that tenant leaves we use the same report to check them out. This way there is no confusion on the condition of the property after a tenant leaves.
– Monthly statements. Each month you will receive a detailed statement on your property. These statements are easy to read and understand. The statement will break down the month’s activity on your investment property. It will show rent collected, management fees earned itemized maintenance.
– Tax advice for overseas landlords. We prepare all relevant accounts information for expenditure and income, including all allocations, and send all information through to the nominated accountants.